Atsala Innovative Ventures

Atsala aims to shape the future by supporting innovative technologies for the greater good. Atsala will not support a project that advocates for dark markets, money laundering, or other illegal intentions.

Atsala thus created private investment vehicles under the brand Tokenpot Capital, focused on disruptive technologies such as distributed ledgers (“DLT”) that can literally change the world at a fast pace. Being part of the pioneers allows our ecosystem to have a strong voice in the era to come – innovation for the good.

Since 2012 – our expertise in the distributed ledger technologies goes back in the early wave of the crypto market (2009-2012), experiencing POW & POS Blockchains, mining, all kind of consensus protocols and crypto algorithms, Mtgox incident, beginnings of NXT, Ethereum, Bitshares, the DAGs and the likes.

DLT Investment Framework

Our investment products’ objective is to invest in the emerging markets of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, focusing on identifying cryptocurrency technologies that have a strong track record and which have an attractive value proposition.

  • DLT Baseline Exposure 60% 60%
  • DLT Edge Exposure 15% 15%
  • DLT Partnerships & ICOs 15% 15%
  • Cash 10% 10%